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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27037 May 14 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27037

Clues Answers
‘Material Girl’? GEORGETTE
A good many coming in to stock a number of small ships FLOTILLA
Avid listener for example back inside EAGER
Band: T Rex up wearing outrageous gear GARTER
Bracing air round region OZONE
Carry out appliance IMPLEMENT
Especially a black protective coat Romeo discarded above all
Example that’s missing in policy STANCE
Floats gently in water, at first, behind front of ship WAFTS
Grim realities for a Hebrew ISRAELITE
I harshly criticise a poor place in Pakistan ISLAMABAD
Individual copies turned over with speed SEPARATE
Initially served up some hotpot, Irish dish SUSHI
Love entering closed place of worship on which there’s a tribal emblem totem pole
Clues Answers
Minister in vicious circle CLERIC
Miserable old doctor by organ DREAR
Moan about having to guard silver dish HAGGIS
Odd drop of brandy before a dance RUMBA
One practising self-denial in a British town? Almost right ABSTAINER
Out? A Liberal admitting nothing speculative NOTIONAL
Perhaps half of Republicans originally in dissenting group FRACTION
Point at analyst producing computer program SPELLCHECKER
Small instrument for piercing SHARP
Son arrived after work and left in old plane Sopwith Camel
Spooner’s fault opening package for Christmas? GIFTWRAP
Successfully complete repair? sew up
This sort of business meeting might end quickly power breakfast
Tripping over stand in the way, an obstacle stumbling block