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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27038 May 15 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27038

Clues Answers
A halfwit or two seen around start of period IDIOT
A little mischief by lassoer is unseemly IMPROPER
Angling: so unusual an activity for joining in SINGALONG
Art gallery having trouble with public relations PRADO
Bar that’s fashionable acquired INGOT
Be apparently unwilling to see obscure piece of theatre? play hard to get
Certain ears, or part of one, catching second bit of music DURUM
Chaplain is sorry for holding composer back ROSSINI
Divine being in chase: departs New York at speed! wood nymph
Dreamed of aged mini being restored IMAGINED
Extract bribe, perhaps, swapping parts around palm oil
Foot odour spreading in the open air out-of-door
Gangster fooled gal, disgracefully goodfella
General Secretary, steeped in compassion, finding place for Wilbur? PIGSTY
House seen in vacation can be filmed another time RESHOT
Clues Answers
Hut for redeveloping, just missing out on a medal? FOURTH
I called, worried to discover old political scandal IRANGATE
Kind of theatre seat, note, next to small dog tip-up
Lives overturned by Soviet police chief in gulag setting SIBERIA
Louis XIV, laid low at home with gout at first sun king
Makes a few phone calls after race: that’s easily best run rings round
Much power in performance tailed away, time after time GIGAWATT
Sanctimonious group’s conduct PILOT
Small tear maybe in work permit found on drive DROPLET
Sort of noble word ultimately preferred by gentlemen? BLONDE
Sort of shift from place that druggie’s around DOPPLER
Steadfast and united, mark well, before finale UNBENDING
Tiny weight of messengers dressed up as elderly relatives? nanograms
Two common sources of allergy in China once CATHAY
Waiter’s assistant initially should be ordered to block purchase BUSBOY