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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27040 May 17 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27040

Clues Answers
Agreed toe is deformed somewhat to a degree
At heart, regrets nothing in Spanish island GRENADA
Bullet hit pest SLUG
Burden of work papers OPPRESS
Came together and kept busy at the guillotine? KNITTED
Doctor percussing a lot who will get you looking better plastic surgeon
Frolic about, holding a pen KRAAL
Fruit and meat including starter of rice for Chinese runner pearl river
Get cash for proper detached place, not large REALISE
Injurious commercial, very Irish ADVERSE
It may get endless representation IMAGE
Just open a container AJAR
Land almost nothing, after a West Indian lands one AZERBAIJAN
Like some spuds? I had to speak EYED
Clues Answers
Ma and Granny worried about Junior, a disillusioned playwright angry young man
Managed to support some good books: here, The Castle? OTRANTO
Maxim’s garden feature? GNOME
Message’s tenor we may hear described VOICEMAIL
No time for jokes — strap on leg JESS
Old broadcaster’s second trailer for good stuff on compiler third programme
People arrest smooth boy over a little bling MEDALLION
Queen cross with regiment holding up drink ALEXANDRA
Republic extremely embarrassed, withdrawing current coins DENARII
Rev Vicar’s first study, say VROOM
Simple game won’t come to an end — I go to bed SNAPDRAGON
Startle, prepared to keep ace and not lead take a back seat
Think shop needs rebuke DELIBERATE
Useful feature to order any time AMENITY