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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27041 May 18 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27041

Clues Answers
A wagon with beer brought round, offering a choice a la carte
Area at end of journey somewhere in India GOA
Author with endless dynamism about to pen end of tale GREENE
Backward-looking archbishop is issue for TV announcement time signal
Bit of scale revealed by fish RAY
Couple of eggs — potentially boring tea OOLONG
Degrees needing particular days — be avoiding one month for collection DOCTORATES
Feel astonishment meeting line produced by poet MARVELL
Food — one who looked overfed? TUCK
I start to grimace a lot — a nasty sort of pain OTALGIA
Indian having long passage sealed off at either end CREE
Inferior writers presenting author with samples POETASTERS
Intending to go on to the match? HONOURABLE
Left-wing sphere without love set about deep thinker BROODER
Let down after US agent returned behind schedule DEFLATE
Clues Answers
Manoeuvring honestly or sneakily? on the sly
Old king keeping dry for the most part in carriage CARIOLE
Philosopher loud with obsequiousness when meeting bunch of celebrities functionalist
PM very familiar with good fashion WELLINGTON
Possibility for “mint”: create money REMITTANCE
Publisher wants opening chapter to be a stunning success COUP
Reduce price of pile in exhibition centre that’s mounted up CHEAPEN
Remainder to despatch? Put first bit to the back ENDS
Rider in habit, not cold ADDITION
Sports ground with companies backing game SOCCER
Sportsperson digesting very quiet team talk from him? SKIPPER
Tighten up legal agreement CONTRACT
Well as he’d done, it’s out of order to be conceited swollen-headed
What’s good in Paris — Tuilleries’s latest thing, excellent garden feature BONSAI
Your clothes designer brought up something hidden under the neck THYROID