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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27043 May 21 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27043

Clues Answers
A park initially accommodating a tall palm ARECA
A place to climb Mont Blanc, for example ALP
About-turn protecting Latin here in US city CHICAGO
Afterthought about green lost at first in urban development SPRAWL
Agreeable set touring part of UK CONGENIAL
Bitten by bug, relative put on large glove GAUNTLET
Car a tripper used, missing old painter MINIATURIST
Compilers initially clue it loosely as ‘dead skin’ CUTICLE
Costly setting for king displaying dullness in poem DREAR
Difference of opinion when lineage is mentioned? DISSENT
Dig sand lying principally around coastal resort SHOVEL
Entice politician to visit Vietnamese festival TEMPT
Everyone is upset about a small school’s tropical tree SAPODILLA
Feud involving archdeacon, one with obligations, we hear VENDETTA
Frenzied religious leader leaves to collect a devotee FANATIC
Hybrid language primarily involving RAF slang, surprisingly FRANGLAIS
Clues Answers
Intended recipient of a frock, we hear — and points ADDRESSEE
Item of footwear providing profit once? BOOT
Land conservationists originally owned? CHAD
Lousy environment for king’s representative PROXY
Make fewer pronouncements, having no nationality STATELESS
Manufactured instrument mostly used before party trumped-up
Old Abraham’s nephew returning for praise EXTOL
One pursuing industrial action, attacking player STRIKER
One writing about air in distant planet NEPTUNE
Ossie leader heading off decrease in expenditure in bush OUTBACK
Prepare for church, taking two sons PROCESS
Revised pay and terms covering second intelligence boss SPYMASTER
Silence poet developed from an early age PLEISTOCENE
Small island rowing crew talked of AIT
Stealthy son replacing Victor in arousing resentment INSIDIOUS
Tasty juice a princess rejected SAPID