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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27044 May 22 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27044

Clues Answers
African yak, I see, finally extinct GABONESE
Boisterously play piano coming to end of concert ROMP
Briefly leaving the straight and narrow, girl finds joint ASTRAGAL
Cheese pie dished up with corn, nothing more PECORINO
Cockney’s own greeting AVE
Coffee mugs filled with last of cointreau? Cheers! ROBUSTA
Copper leads a training session with a Spanish team CUADRILLA
Either way, it’s unacceptable not on
Gets started? Writer might not, having this OPENS
Handle dog well, but only intermittently LABEL
I walk about on cold frozen area ICECAP
Iron stuff in cupboard PRESS
Italian family by the sea here in Cannes MEDICI
Joyful leading lady’s part GLAD
King Charles admitted wearing something regal CROWNED
Less sober Greek character brought into line TIPSIER
Clues Answers
Mountain, terrible threat in early part of day MATTERHORN
Musical artist and I perform song: scary! hair-raising
My freedom’s under threat, for sure ill be bound
One rejected university study, along with guy unsuited to academia? ineducable
One who’ll eat and drink, briefly entertained by sister SCOFFER
One with specific rights is stopping ambassador entering European country FRANCHISEE
Overjoyed gun owners checked in record time ENRAPT
Pastry confection that is soft on top PIE
Publicity supporting Democrat backing British city BRADFORD
Sweet, shortened version of French organ work after Rossini intro lemon drop
Uniform Salvation Army made without padding SAME
Vineyard owner on way back hurries at first to bar NABOTH
What follows first of carriages on train? CONSEQUENCE
Writer excising chapter one first of all ECO
Writer’s article appearing in Standard, devoid of substance SAND