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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27046 May 24 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27046

Clues Answers
A fool entering shortly — Siegfried, perhaps SASSOON
Announcing process of selecting actor for woman in Chicago? BROADCASTING
Appearing very good in getting into record book LOOKING
Artist’s place lately stripped, odd pieces of fine art removed ATELIER
Composer crossing six bars … the extreme ones? ROSSINI
Cuts a number of bad journalists? HACKS
Drunk at the end of today? Not on TIGHT
Festive food cut by a penny — being this? CHEAPER
Freezing fine beheaded fish — line caught ice-cold
Going to miss drive after golf cap’s flying GLIDING
Great leader, a Chinese one imprisons rest, unfortunately MAESTRO
Half rice, half soup, time to make this? RISOTTO
Leading advocate wanting beer around office APOSTLE
Letter of key big building across street EPISTLE
Clues Answers
Long sweet film brighton rock
Material used for ropes seaport’s replaced ESPARTO
Mineral mass one’s found in a moon, classically ALUMINA
Nameless bird gaining height — a distant point in the sky? STARLIGHT
Note boss on round shield for centurions TESTUDO
Powerful cocktail keeps sharpness hot SLEDGEHAMMER
Racist I upset with mocking humour SATIRIC
Running Internet without a host ENTERTAIN
Sent out signal with call involving extra backing PHEROMONE
Story satisfied with two characters finally killed CONTE
Subject of experiment needing a piece of gold and a piece of iron guinea pig
Thinking about inner secret can be diverting RECREATIONAL
What green-fingered person of course has something to do with flower bed DIGIT
Where some take off label turning up strip of material GATWICK