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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27047 May 25 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27047

Clues Answers
After vacation, homework at uni contains first-class poem HAIKU
Anxiety relating to certain countries that’s not his PANIC
Artist’s champ MUNCH
Attendants from Europe breaking frame I chucked out chasseurs
Brandy man on beer, drinking very quietly APPLEJACK
College works to introduce new electronic notes? TECHNOPOP
Corporal drunk in charge when guarding master SOMATIC
Extreme difficulty with fit on small loose garment shell suit
Finally bet on neither odd number THIRTEEN
Hollow skins left in Tuesday’s scraps TUSSLES
Hush after street leaves complaint ILLNESS
Important vitamin fed to young animal FOCAL
Intelligent European principle RATIONALE
John with odd bits of foam sponge LOOFA
Line-up so worried about Times sacking? EXPULSION

Clues Answers
Make laws on introduction of inflammable rubbish LEGISLATE
Mark’s first wife overlooked by brother BREVE
Marshall in LA worked with 25 MCLUHAN
Old Frenchman’s grazing cattle finally moving forward PASTEUR
Old scientist from Middle Eastern lake, briefly over GALILEO
One who fails to beat king and queen TANKER
Party enforcing six-pack ban? It’s not possible no can do
Pervert acts as his mood changes sado-masochist
Primarily sold packed lunches in fast food joint SPLIFF
Prime letters for clueing a single Italian LUIGI
Savings at an end: it stops celebrity backing spender with lowbrow tastes essex man
Socrates’ usual complicated challenge for division? assault course
Somebody’s mum pinched by sexist? big shot
State bore recalled stopping Nixon regularly IDAHO
Tricky staff? magic wand