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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27049 May 28 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27049

Clues Answers
Academic stumbled over words at the outset FELLOW
Advertise cut of steak in Tweets regularly TRUMPET
Artist briefly pens label for pictures MONTAGE
Assume worker will swallow yellow linctus EXPECTORANT
Bank introducing easy loans from the outset? Nonsense DOGGEREL
Beach souvenir girl left, eaten by marine creature sea shell
Beyond bend German river turns, skirting northern region that’s unknown? pastures new
Boat that’s unwieldy however capsizes TUB
Brave chap guarding borders of Thebes GUTSY
Christian group having variable influence SAY
Cook first portions of beef rib with alternative to lard? BROIL
Definitely a period of nine months? YEA
Displaying top-quality jewellery item AIRING
Face punishment, omitting initial on census COUNTENANCE
Finish series of festivities, principally round off
Francophile presumably mentioned plant growth Gallnut
Clues Answers
Hardly our French friend not really
Here’s what I think about former style of painting IMPASTO
Large antelope chasing mammal over plateau TABLELAND
Look carefully at what makes a typical Tory? CONTEMPLATE
Met doctor on train ran into
Not many are inclined to shelter on coast FREEWHEEL
Portion of feta’s typically pleasing to the palate TASTY
Promiscuous woman rebuffed by theatre luvvies? SLAPPER
Provide drink before journey regularly SUPPLY
Series of books kept by coppers showing future promise? POTENCE
Street urchin playin’ for money GAMIN
Trains do crash in part of arch INTRADOS
Tussle fixing plug? Tool needed BRADAWL
Unqualified, one abandons English course ENTREE
Upper-class female in pin-up GEL
Wincing a bit during lively dance FLINCHING