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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27050 May 29 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27050

Clues Answers
Asian support hotel welcomes back INDIAN
Base installing British machine ROBOT
Beast that was lively goes inside small house STEGOSAURUS
Butcher and fox dine on hearts after shindig do to death
Complete artist left bitter upset RADICAL
Don’t start raucous jabber! TRIDENT
Dope accepts pound in depressed Scottish area GLEN
Effort to retain old weight system TROY
English still cool, calm and collected EMOTIONLESS
Fish in lake one in vessel catches BLOATER
Hotel on island raised capital out East HANOI
Junk written about one desktop game TIPCAT
Last symbol of resistance? OMEGA
Man eating cake with prisoner restrained CONTROLLED
Much ado about Republican as autocratic leader Big Brother

Clues Answers
One dreams about tucking into processed pasties ESCAPIST
One from skilled elite Cochrane demolished in Times TECHNOCRAT
One’s put out second fire in room INGLE
Pack present for landlord HOST
Painter to run to get climbing equipment rope ladder
Poet, one mostly accepted by Orwell, G BAUDELAIRE
Replacing fluids and salt is boost with nothing eaten ISOTONIC
Run in live game’s first for scorer BERG
Sharp point seized in wrestling over transport OMNIBUS
Short and flat sandwich needs new filling SNUB
Tongue all but swallowed by lion? INCA
Upset at charges? Get in free! GATECRASH
Vehicle in escape vacated with trail disappearing EVANESCENT
What’s received, following dismissal, from much-admired opener? golden parachute