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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27051 May 30 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27051

Clues Answers
Boy or girl one announcer holds up briefly KIM
Britain’s ready for something to chew on QUID
Champion oarsmen eclipsing a slightly larger crew? FAVOUR
Chap appearing every so often in Kiev court IVOR
Comprehensive reportedly encouraging sort of scholarship Fulbright
Cream mostly containing syrup: there’s port here BRUGES
Crook in outlet in centre scrubbed intention u-bend
Enigmatic husband in extra large lace trousers SPHINXLIKE
Fitting term’s test material around seminars at first mot juste
Going off end of April, stopping work for the summer? ADDLING
He sang especially for God GANESH
In which DA gives consent RUSSIAN
Interprets fresh comments on promotion campaign? lip-reads
Musical devices featuring in hits by The Police fuzzboxes
One would be respectful to this national anthem — or mean stand for
One’s descent in a plane? family tree

Clues Answers
Palace the holders, having overcome Ipswich originally VATICAN
Panellist — one of twelve nailing track — a lover of pop? JURYMAN
Part of boot for hiker? UPPER
Relinquish saw erroneously picked up CEDE
Separate strands of investigation commonly acquire point UNTWINE
Sparkling set Americanism a Jordanian uses canis major
Steer celebrity away from European charity OXFAM
Substitute monarch posed with Zulu ERSATZ
Tax done by the book? OVERWORK
The trouble Chicago’s in ILL
Very old date skins, hard leaves IDES
Video maker misrepresented card votes vodcaster
Washington-Brussels summit on peace to finish use up
What French can put in report is entertaining on grand scale banqueting
Wrong to disown a fine cabinet maker SATINWOOD