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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27053 June 1 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27053

Clues Answers
Arrangements for action aborted, or left out order of battle
Asian bands love ending with encore OBIS
Belief one may be a source of litter? DOGMA
Doctor stops neuralgic spasms plastic surgeon
Does one hold up one who is late? pall-bearer
Giving title to book and nine long works ENNOBLING
Grasp tip of throw rug TWIG
Henry leaves Frank a record for dance one-step
Introduced now dominant figure on paper PRESENTED
Language’s current rules about welcoming greeting SWAHILI
Leader with due respect to me PACESETTER
Losing heart, book holiday period NOEL
Maybe kilos wife’s shed, showing figure EIGHT
Moving a line at the end of proposal on the internet? EMOTIONAL

Clues Answers
Old writing, wanting a new start OPENING
Once again, make fast retreat — run off RETIE
One dealing with gender-fluid performer transactor
Pan for some food maybe being the wrong size DISPROPORTION
Place to eat in Times Square MESS
Pupil once misleads about spearhead of ground forces OBLIGES
Radical message, not the first on film EXTREMIST
Rob’s put on small garments FLEECES
Ruler in east, one out of Shanghai EMPRESS
Say how to buy drug patent with two drugs — the wrong way over-the-counter
Show disapproval over note in noted passage TUTTI
Sozzled, rise twice to spit ROTISSERIE
Tradesman more likely to avoid work after golf GLAZIER
Way of working in thrill, almost erotic AMOROUS