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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27055 June 4 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27055

Clues Answers
Acted as a substitute silk SATIN
Assembly obstructs constructive elements building blocks
Banal tour going around capital city Ulan Bator
Banned volunteers voice displeasure TABOO
Began tango entering in position with dandy boy Instituted
Brown, or yellowish-brown with a red initially added in CARAMEL
Change the last word Democrat intended in speech AMENDMENT
Disconcert artilleryman? Not good and very unsafe, ultimately UNNERVE
Dismiss Ibsen character as a radical FIREBRAND
Drop in current is in prospect with amps lost VISIT
Elite troops annoyed odd characters in army a-team
Forest primate getting energy from small parrots LORIS
Free link somehow joins net via URL universal joint
Frequently trailing second note in set of bells is tone down soft-pedal
Happy if place does not appear relaxed EASED

Clues Answers
Heater pipe filled with gauze regularly losing fragments BRAZIER
Hostility as I film bodyguard ICINESS
Investigator of complaints from mum bad son shot OMBUDSMAN
Key legislation’s defect FLAW
More wasted days by athlete half-heartedly covering kilometres DRUNKER
One filling small cavities over time? DENTIST
Revel in true AI working after a measure of illumination LUXURIATE
Seafood’s twenty-one shillings? SQUID
Tape recorder, possibly for court official line judge
Topping sequin socks from America for a special date EQUINOX
Tries to get picked up by sailors. This could get joint wrecked THUMBSCREW
Trouble herons uncovered in flight control AILERON
Troublesome insect perhaps over sauce PESTO
What’s nutritious with the marge spread? wheat germ
Where one sees bathing cap, old LIDO