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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27056 June 5 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27056

Clues Answers
A spinner is on ATOP
Appropriate fruit soft after bruising action? SCRUMP
At first, articles will nestle in beard AWN
Bet repartee needs trimming ANTE
Brief example: how to invest capital in company that makes money cash cow
Build cricket side that’s taken advantage of put upon
Complete parts ineffectual — that’s beyond words UNUTTERABLE
Dicky lands a tuna: fears line gradually slipping san andreas fault
Dog hit cat, say? WHIPPET
Duck covering extremity to keep wings, primarily, drier tea towel
Embracing queen, ludicrously wonderful standing naked below? BAREFOOT
European agreement centred on tale I fabricated, unworkable ultimately entente cordiale
Fundamentalist movement I outlaw after short conference TALIBAN
Greek letter regarding housing crisis initially framed by artist OMICRON
Infinite praise surrounding contrary maxim BOTTOMLESS
Clues Answers
Man behind cover, hiding SPANKING
March — miserable time for uprising TROOP
Off like a horse, perhaps, heading away ADDLED
Old fighter entering qualifiers ALI
On-line security device, block keeping the second page empty clothes peg
Papa constrained by fixed idea, notion being dogmatic OPINIONATED
Position I am to take up welcomed by mad professor? silly mid-on
Savings teens wasted on goods nest egg
Secure domain LAND
Small crustacean in pond has muddled through sand hopper
Small restaurant needing cleaning originally, some wiping floor CAFE
Some time after primate detailed impossible dream CHIMERA
Those tipped to feature in food programme chat show
Upsurge of a coloured resin in crater CALDERA
Yellow top of rootstock is for fragrant preparation ORRIS