The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27057 June 6 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27057

Clues Answers
Area for sales and storage beside the rink? box office
Big store I line up with little hesitation, raking millions in EMPORIUM
Boy with disgusted comment about large fortune lady luck
Cautious about soldier perhaps in US city santa fe
Cleanliness expert — sadly in pig-sty he has no power HYGIENIST
Condition I intend escalating among reforming drinkers ANAEMIA
Confused chatter about river fish BARBEL
Fall back, displacing new line in reciprocal arrangement MUTUAL
Favourite part in brief? It’s refined stuff PETROL
Finished a couple of lengths in total OVERALL
Game UCD alumna put out degree citation magna cum laude
Harmonised a duet not disregarding old fashions ATTUNED
I’d recalled way of working one part of speech IDIOM
Leading attraction? The Queen, among the aristocracy top-drawer

Clues Answers
Legend of river and lake that is put back beside other legends LORELEI
Marries and goes off embracing husband after speculation BETROTHS
Moved to take-off after disembarking one becoming stressed TAXED
Old soldier cut down after rifleman missed first alarm UNNERVE
One lacking complaint nevertheless inclined to be patient HYPOCHONDRIAC
Pair of lines showing Batman and Robin possibly appearing on time heroic couplet
Preserves narrow strip of land containing core of some abundant resource bottomless pit
Protection from weather? British happy to forgo headpiece BROLLY
Ravel’s one enthralled by flute playing of melodious quality TUNEFUL
Results after cooking will include ultimate in apple crumble STREUSEL
Row about component of education for painstaking student? TRIER
Some deliveries friend picked up showing a degree of duplication OVERLAP
Uniform material was adopted by soldiers and sailor olive drab
Whiskey consumed by a military group in former days as was

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