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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27058 June 7 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27058

Clues Answers
Available and willing to participate in talks about merger, finally up for grabs
Belt worn as arranged with MBE sam browne
Bones from bag used by artist SACRA
Burden-carrier first, perhaps soldier second ASSISTANT
Come after opponents at table with petition ENSUE
From EU I may not obtain anything you name it
Garments that are loose and short wind round at the back KAFTANS
Girl returning from Dubai, not Naples ANTONIA
Greet a guy’s high pressure shower tyre gauge
He’s composed: rested, in other words SATIE
Joining in informal greeting to civil rights leader YOKING
Kind suggestion leads to input, quickly? touch-type
Language arising when home improvements turned to ruin YIDDISH
Maybe die young, close to home CUBE
Mess tin: article half full SNAFU
Most futile, having papers in case IDLEST

Clues Answers
Note minimum charge raised for support PIER
Old singer has taken to the stage at ball ORBISON
Opening? Almost missing it EARLY
Pasta is stuff I fed our people FUSILLI
Portuguese name for colony that’s PC to the French MACAU
Putting out leader, different dailies cooperate LIAISE
Race from gym with long stride, moving left PEOPLE
Reassuring words, presumably from soldiers, getting twisted about not to worry
Runner on jolly sort of engagement SKIRMISH
Scaremongering done in manner of Republican film ALARMIST
Song that’s penned about grand German location NUREMBERG
Sound made by homeless child, one who’s very pale whey-face
Stingray — either part SHAFT
Tweet’s sound content reflecting on character of Greek CHIRRUP
Ultimately helps a lot to notice weakness soft spot
Very little on which to gamble, it’s said SPECK