The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27061 June 11 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27061

Clues Answers
A second class property ASSET
Author’s work right superior to ‘King and I’ GORKI
Check on English artist beginning to rummage amongst his blessed rulers HIERARCHS
Complaint among posh-sounding group? INFECTION
Completely ignored single store in back rooms SIDELINED
Cream topping for eclair with few calories ELITE
Drunk unwilling to buy a round of drinks? TIGHT
Family member, German one, returning from Cologne after vacation NIECE
Film depicting new detective’s rise in force, say midnight express
Golfing tournament participant is out in the open
Guardian leader penned by journalists was slightly moving? EDGED
Guy the man sees from time to time TEASE
He tunes fiddle, if discordant, for players sheffield united
Head in charge of subject TOPIC
Husband with a meal ticket to get a sweetmeat HALVA
Clues Answers
Investment secured, we hear, and set up with zero loss trust fund
Key European state MAINE
Large weapon beneath a cover, we’re told, is part of early warning system? alarm call
Novel, impenetrable, given to us hard times
Number one drink in West IMAGINE
Quickly peruse half of screed filling two pages speed-read
Rider’s state of health CONDITION
Ruler in mood executed soldiers EMPEROR
Spanish performers I catch doing cartwheel CASTILIAN
Splitting pieces of granite TEARING
Tigers run wild? Sounds about right rings true
Trouble repulsed in Lyon, naturally ANNOY
Truants wandering round New York initially become unpleasant turn nasty
University dress mostly rejected in holiday island CORFU
Weak local network? Good north of the border LANGUID

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