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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27062 June 12 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27062

Clues Answers
A choice Oscar rejected, absorbing most of capital’s spirit APPARITION
Abandoned at Gretna, rely on English legal adviser attorney general
Big cat without tail atop ancient temple PANTHEON
Close relative died, clutching European cleric’s first ordinal SECOND
Coalmining area originally repressed under harsh rule RUHR
Destruction of marine vegetation? WRACK
Devout type comes across on radio, eating tiny bonbons? SWEETMEATS
Discriminating, but comfortable around house CHOOSY
Excuse for discharge of fire? SALVO
Fellow eating most of baked dish, barely warm TEPID
Forthright duke taking Irish Terriers initially round park DIRECT
Fully informed, as artists’ models may be put in the picture
Fuss when gull crosses grassy area MEADOW
Get better competition for motor vehicles RALLY
Clues Answers
In Vietnamese festival I can rise, having Yankee’s perseverance TENACITY
Jurassic carnivore chewed up a large mouse, almost MEGALOSAUR
Man at church brought in by passenger vehicle — or tube BRONCHUS
Picked up foolish person’s share of profits? DIVI
Poisonous type vocally encourages Catholic rite ASPERGES
Polish musician making knot, possibly SANDPIPER
Rejected the hard stuff, husband being near NIGH
Reportedly whip up a storm at first — awful for a mollusc! razor-shell
Rubbish a chap uttered, an old Russian dissident REFUSENIK
Sent back dessert, stirring up a riot in restaurant TRATTORIA
Simulate an outlet for one’s mirth? laugh like a drain
Sound produced by boxer with money WOOF
Too sick to take in afterthought about displaced population? OVERSPILL
Unwelcome individual disguised as Rangoon parent persona non grata