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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27065 June 15 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27065

Clues Answers
About fifty tips for first date in Rome CALENDS
Addict to make no gains at all WINO
Adept on piano, the playing is diviner! PROPHET
Appalling hotel that is recalled by us abroad HEINOUS
Article on overthrown officer rude in Iran? THEOCRACY
Bearing king on throne LOOK
Bird and dog laze in Manhattan area, perhaps? cocktail lounge
Charming helper’s good faith and merry fooling around fairy godmother
Dip in alcohol fit for diner al dente
Foul American kills fish OFFSIDE
Get wrong place to eat on a plane? mess up
Horse and badger eating mineral in medicinal plant HOREHOUND
In retreat, heroic national leader’s instructions RECIPE
It could be explosive blunder litigant’s turned up booby trap
Clues Answers
On-line rush for event in theatre SURGERY
Page with note about Polish sound PHONEME
Place covered by grass is viewed well REPUTED
Prop, you said, caught by Belfast’s flankers and lock BUTTRESS
Put up with drinks, initially punch ROUNDHOUSE
Question one with foxy clothing in flamboyant fashion SHOWILY
Roughneck turning criminal in early period BOYHOOD
Some current politicians hiding before backing America’s leader AMPERES
Strategy adopted by men due to work, or not? UNEMPLOYED
The English lady trembling with passion HEATEDLY
Throws out black cats BOUNCES
Turn up during criminal ram-raid to give message RADIOGRAM
Viewpoint associated with Times sub STANDBY
Worry about woman in flood FRESHET