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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27067 June 18 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27067

Clues Answers
Asian gets a breath of air in Kent, perhaps SINHALESE
Boy participating in gym to improve as an individual PERSONALLY
Calm after retreating journalist went off DECOMPOSED
Charge for using ring on regular basis TOLL
Closeness of Jane and Cecily in distress, Neil having left adjacency
College ultimately cuts organised learning across the board in general
Defector in pursuit of spy, one going underground in Africa mole rat
Division represented by lowly Republican in caucus simple fraction
Elder priest shunning current hosts by turning about PRESBYTER
Extremist detected in unlawful trading ULTRA
Fantastic escape after vessel overturned top flight
Feline in revamped Disney corporation SYNDICATE
Fraudster making journey back in regret ROGUE
Here the Spanish may meet Dad carrying short loaf PLAZA
Keep going past contrary sailor in old hat OUTLAST
Clues Answers
Marches taking up a number of days DEMOS
Most relaxed English afternoon break, last to start EASIEST
Object added to gallery a very timely gift GODSEND
Olympian dreams of this mess, it’s said MEDAL
Plant borders of Chinese territory in East CELANDINE
Precisely where the reader may resort for memoirs? to the life
Restrictive level TYING
Singular protection for pugilist in love SMITTEN
Some time, so to speak, for you and me OURS
Supposed repository of lost car, with black interior LIMBO
Tail of husky walking on air, commonly barking YAPPY
Those excluded from court amid random jeers REJECTS
Toreador whirls, primarily to confuse bull TWADDLE
Tweet greeting bishop in competition CHIRRUP
Union negotiator marriage-broker