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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27068 June 19 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27068

Clues Answers
A smirk so naughty when receiving good present with a hug? KISSOGRAM
Agent always intended to avoid a financial transaction favouring customer REPAYMENT
Amusing turn daughter’s put on DROLL
Arrangement that does for NI patriot? PARTITION
Bad-tempered type, initially getting behind GRUMP
Celebrity died catching wild animal, right? STARBOARD
Coat officer gashes when falling over STUCCO
Drink to be knocked back in autumn? It’s a sporting option free ball
Elaborate accommodation for king, one in exile? EXPATRIATE
Female shows spite rejecting male ALICE
Football, ultimately maybe a German game? LOTTO
Girl’s hair the result of a bad hair day? DISTRESS
Having secured facility on smartphone, you had talked freely YAPPED
Hesitation to get into meditation when lectures should be attended? TERM
Joint in handle, one coming loose WELD
Lake in garden transformed foreign city once LENINGRAD
Clues Answers
Little fellow, the German who takes a quick break? WEEKENDER
Loud murderer with yen for ostentation FRIPPERY
Mark brought by corporal punishment? Son avoids that TICK
Missile not quite right for old British soldier buller
One coming off drugs, having ‘a bit of a chest’ withdrawer
One of two books, very serious, written by the French CHRONICLES
Piano learner has found out about organ SPLEEN
Quiet town, one I hesitate to say that’s dangerously unstable PLUTONIUM
Raving person has love for a man in broadcast message ROGER
Respect and acknowledge reduced allowance ADMIRATION
See, previously, army of abstainers taking alcohol SARUM
Sound of Aussie beast encountered in small enclosed space ROOMETTE
Swing that sees weak Right being ousted by Left FLAIL
Tree making church gloomy, almost CEDAR
What’s authentic about upcoming broadcast related to insurance business ACTUARIAL
Wrong to swallow hard bone SHIN