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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27071 June 22 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27071

Clues Answers
Admitted being drunk, losing head OWNED
Adult who changes with time? If only! would that
Backing out of tortuous final passage OUTRO
Busy collecting something on plate that drinker’s left? DREGS
Cast work to carry out punishing act? throw the book at
Entrances on ships yet to be constructed hypnotises
Exploit golfing handicap ALBATROSS
Fully alert, one distant cry caught in the back, briefly stone-cold sober
Girl, see, with ball that’s burst SALVO
Gracious of Nancy and Charlie scattering reusable bags sacre bleu
Greek character’s caught insulting old PM TRUDEAU
Guinness maybe cold after beer ALEC
Home bird, ultimately reserved, and kind with it in-crowd
Husband freezing, drinking some tea, maybe needing glass of water? hiccupy
Irish in the end slack, not everyone trying IRKSOME
Clues Answers
Kept company in order, after fraud CONSORTED
Master driving pupil to achieve LEARN
Not altogether calm when speaking at dinner? PIECEMEAL
One in bed with a bit of ear and back trouble LOBELIA
Page that’s next to index THUMB
Pipe runs inside counter CHIRP
Preserve double bill always for date of national importance canada day
Reaction to bad weather maybe in the country BAHRAIN
Reason for scrapping cue balls: one’s defective casus belli
Tooth specialist attended surgery, perhaps saw doctor
Unbroken object? Not so ENDLESS
What can bring butterflies: no net is used TENSION
What to put on archbishop’s back ROBE
What’s swiped from fashionable club? smart card
You reflected about business graduate’s place in recess EMBAY