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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27073 June 25 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27073

Clues Answers
Anger shown when state’s leader is deposed IRE
Briefly poke around leg, to find protein INTERFERON
Current Oxford course taken in six months? That’s wonderful! YIPPEE
Dairy product a girl takes in bed RICOTTA
Delay after chap encounters strong wind from east time-lag
Effeminate chap writing about class work MILKSOP
Fine workforce, one possessed by man like Sir John? FALSTAFFIAN
Grassy area in politician’s part of constituency GREENSWARD
Insect — one flapping lamely at first in farm pen STONEFLY
Insensitively considered the French devious THOUGHTLESSLY
Language provoked by a limited rise in Westminster? SWAHILI
Legendary bird biting head off dangerous reptile ROC
Like a Dane, for example — and not one in Washington NORDIC
Long evergreen tree PINE
Lower rent Ray’s splashed out up front? AYRSHIRE
Clues Answers
Mature combination of companies adopting western name grown-up
Plants in island thus smuggled from the east NARCISSI
Put friend in the picture in a relaxed way INFORMALLY
Ragout of game containing a highly seasoned sausage SALAMI
Recipients of letter from Welshwoman cutting business deficit COLOSSIANS
Republican in seedy bar visiting cinema, perhaps drive-in
Retired priest following northern river NILE
Scorn fiddle casual worker finally bought CONTEMPT
Sea nymph entangled in reed NEREID
Serving in army club, one left out cementing tool soldering iron
Share the Sunday joint, do we hear? METE
Stick a poster, possibly, in this place ADHERE
Switching sides, Chinese communist finds Lao Zi’s philosophy TAOISM
Tender-sounding Mercian king? OFFA
Worried if a host is an obsessive trendy! FASHIONISTA