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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27074 June 26 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27074

Clues Answers
A majority of sexual partners? age of consent
All the best go west, getting into gold ADIEU
An end to this callous contempt SCORN
Can family together make a short visit? look-in
Checked fabric cut on the reverse EXAMINED
Crack low-tech cuckoo for very precise timekeeper clock-watcher
Cry, being unsettled and showing signs of advancing years YELLOWING
Flying visit introducing British musician VIBIST
Followers of every line of Anouilh play like folksy and lusty poetry HAIKU
Friendly chat with head of security about Her Majesty and leak SCHMOOZE
Fruit — a number outside crate getting spoiled NECTARINE
Gets wrong idea about notes on book misjudges
Immature wood cut for infusion green tea
Interim move? MAKESHIFT
Clues Answers
Joanna’s rather too good with a ‘no’ PIANO
Making fast brew at home in gallons CHAINING
Missing opening, cannon section ring and reverberate re-echo
Mum and gran are coming together tomorrow MANANA
Pretty likely old theologian gets what Christ was to God odds-on
Question silver head in guessing answer: old zebra? QUAGGA
Set of advisers under throne? privy council
Something for consumers — suit with western isle check club sandwich
Successful pickpocket, one often seen at village fete lucky dip
Thinking of oneself having work in bustling cities EGOISTIC
Turn over to clean small herring fillets ROLLMOPS
Unhappy about page on the subject of food SPREAD
Use editor to introduce unknown writer EXPEND
Wind movements tug Shard all over the place DRAUGHTS