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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27075 June 27 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27075

Clues Answers
75% of maximum pulse PEA
Academy that houses folklore MYTH
Angular figure ruined second half of clog dance DECAGON
Anything other than weight rising NOT
Background support for cunning aerial display fly-past
Careless carrying tea, spilling a milky fluid LATEX
Case of pure Tamiflu primarily imported to quell epidemic PESTILENCE
Cash in Brussels, for instance, is principally Euros CAPITALISE
Deal rigged in game for bookmaker’s enrichment? gold leaf
Feeble bridge pair blocked by opponent leading hearts NESH
First couple of players played streaky shots and swore PLEDGED
Free comprehensive initially raised cheers at large
He keeps books in cloak MANTLE
Leave cancelled in the wake of report pop off
Clues Answers
Like toad, cautious crossing bottom of culvert WARTY
London traders collectively endure visitors on railway livery company
Most spotted hints provided during training pimpliest
Nation’s technology about to feature in Time ERITREA
Natural sugar almost redundant in potion DEXTROSE
Old street worker moving less well, masking hardship LAMPLIGHTER
Proceed east of coastal city to find calm water LAGOON
Romantic combinations of complex vocal themes? love matches
Sacred building, outstanding HALLOWED
Some output from sewer on street, a cause of irritation? running stitch
Something unwillingly served by pub, that jetsetters must adjust to? local time
Sullen guy keeping queen and politician apart GRUMPY
To break with boyfriend ultimately is what you’re aiming to do DISSOLVE
Width lacking in dimwitted woman’s belts SLOSHES