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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27076 June 28 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27076

Clues Answers
A grassy area cut short for match AGREE
Animated character’s lad introducing troublemakers SIMPSON
Assume girlfriend once gave kiss to speaker EXPECT
Author’s note in a short page ARCHITECT
Bird’s piercing cry, tail twitching SHRIKE
Birmingham houses this, I wrongly think: it’s in London british museum
Collection of Old Testament men job lot
Commando’s salute, welcoming new battalion leader previously green beret
Creature — insect — found in motorway services principally MANTIS
Draconian measures: news welcomed by penurious drug addict? CRACKDOWN
Driver drops off one posh portable heater Chauffer
Easily influenced, likely to support head of party PLIABLE
Exploit golf club insufficiently in play under milk wood
Fired once again about article in Independent? Not so RELIANT
French noble is attached to name, not English MARQUIS
Clues Answers
Ghastly waterproof sailor has on MACABRE
Innocent woman joins dance LAMBADA
Join in French function that’s endless ENROL
Kilometres to west of ancient city, largely cool mountainous region KURDISTAN
Measure to stop a politician making changes emendatory
Mischievous rogue ejects MP during political meeting RASCALLY
Note male actors regularly entering … this? THEATRE
Novelist’s name right on front of cover CHANDLER
Over lake you’ll see a brown fluttering bird barn owl
Scornful-sounding writer SAKI
Small amount of money enough for setter? Not me! CENT
Talented folk succeeded after new order from Alan Turing (not half) NATURALS
Tree cut down unproblematically ROBLE
Winter sports journalist is uplifted SKIED
Wrapped up warm, worried after catching one bug INFURIATE