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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27077 June 29 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27077

Clues Answers
Apparently home counties bishopric impresses China SEEMINGLY
Being successful, this writer’s replacing last of belongings EFFECTIVE
Chuck‚Äôs senior sibling’s wine supplier? ELDERBERRY
Contain wider space by taking in suburbs of Oxford EMBODY
Corrupt employer ignoring eastern compound POLYMER
County rejects a new border TRIM
Current row involving church is more irritating ITCHIER
Cut Hibernian flag IRIS
Enemy managed to capture unknown catalyst ENZYME
First of cryptic clues on radio that may mean curtains for some CHINTZ
Fry served with milk? Enticing stuff WHITEBAIT
How many players at Wembley figure in Heller work? twenty-two
Iron bolt secures West End joint FETLOCK
It’s galling, using PA bar first ANNOYING
Kiss Adrian, drunk after beer and port ALEXANDRIA
Clues Answers
Nasty old boy, nervous, heading off carrying duck OBNOXIOUS
One way to limit batting practice ROUTINE
Oz runner eventually caught rival EMULATOR
Putting cash up front, top businessmen bag river beast RHINOCEROS
Servant’s fee paid in advance RETAINER
Small rise squeezes City branch SECTOR
Suggest Dick should open unit OPINE
They must save old soak ultimately with divine inspiration THEOSOPHY
This traps bachelor in messy rooms, the clot THROMBOSIS
Travel by air with a paper WAFT
Tree has saccharin, shedding odd bits ACAI
Where is very ill patient heading? That’s easy STRAIGHTFORWARD
Where to go brush trousers at hotel BATHROOM
Writing about sanctuary earns points MARKS