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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27079 July 2 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27079

Clues Answers
60s’ film hero visiting hostile mining area COALFIELD
American going through two states to find, say, Oklahoma! MUSICAL
Attacker drops new weapon LUGER
Close — and quickly — after turning key, storage facility at bank night safe
Computer in 2001 revealed what’s 75% of 50% HAL
Democrat and Republican etc make it, somehow? dream ticket
Egg, one with top sliced off NIT
Fail to achieve target, as nostalgic German banker might? miss the mark
Fed Midlands community on upside-down pudding stoked up
Fellow reduced rent for holiday accommodation CHALET
Finish school, having gap year before attending university? break up
Growth of one singing French version of She? CHANTERELLE
Half the people on earth smell HUM
Higher gear, zigzagging across motorway GAMIER
Male name given with some hesitation callum
Music sent up in Brussels concert? GIGUE
Clues Answers
Novel, fateful time for Julius Caesar? MIDDLEMARCH
Offensive and frosty-sounding, speaking thus? tetchily
Old surgeon — successful one, presumably — less well-known OBSCURER
One lives on alcoholic drink, reportedly RESIDER
One place to sleep at foot of hill in Spanish resort BENIDORM
Opens containers filled with eggs, oddly BEGINS
Outcast going back into fresh air apparently PARIAH
Price of fuel cut FEE
Quick drink before road trip starts ALERT
Rowdy players getting plastered ROUGHCAST
Severe wound identified in A & E ACUTE
Sickly-looking child’s coat PALETOT
Tabloid journalist coming in right before work REDTOP
That girl’s dazzled … by such illumination? STARLIGHT
Unhealthy male in grip of unusual malady at last RHEUMY
Was getting advice about cutting tool PITSAW