The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27080 July 3 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27080

Clues Answers
Aces concealed in shirt seams put back MAESTRI
Agent X following stuff on phone PHILBY
Civic dignitary dressing right MAYOR
Creature cayman bit on toe oddly disappeared AMNIOTE
Enter the champion: a trusted opener KEYHOLDER
Expert putting up tumble drier as ordered master builder
Feeling happy no more, evidently flipped UPENDED
Finish on the tiles after Greek jaunt GROUTING
I love not being separated in one
Issues with hose used by firemen? LADDERS
It makes us cross, what short-term personnel go through? revolving door
Like lubricated gear, maybe, when in neutral GREASY
Maybe gets breeze in prime location for climbing AERATES
Maybe miss one meal, shifting tea breaks michaela
Clues Answers
Nice of Civil Service hosts to hold forth medals DECORATES
Not the women’s singles title at Roland Garros? MADAME
Old film technique from USSR, heading off endless cash grabs movietone
Old people off home to reflect ICENI
Old Turkish sailor, short virile one OSMANLI
Promote any number of us, sort of NOURISH
Role was out mainly in the garden PARTERRE
Secure — in hair-raising fashion? lock up
Solicitor at Law with facility for speaking disreputably SLEAZILY
Succulent duck put in stews: ace! OPUNTIA
Supply long, trailing cape CACHE
Timid chap trapping a couple of bees with slipper, worn but posh shabby-genteel
Two identical switches on top of wall light lattice window
With warm honey, set about a sort of loaf WHEATMEAL

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