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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27082 July 5 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27082

Clues Answers
Advantage to accept free bit BRIDOON
Alien asleep on spacecraft OUTLANDER
Ancient ascetic catching cold shows perfect form ESSENCE
Angelica’s reformulated as medicament ANALGESIC
Area near steamer that’s extremely deep ABYSS
Article in pipeline bringing money to Shylock DUCAT
Board members aim to sermonise DIRECTORATE
Cast shortened the series THROW
Challenge validity of attractive person’s claim? IMPEACH
Controls in place here to run committee DASHBOARD
Donna playing around with stove lit sometimes now and again
Dry run cancelled to provide encouragement AID
Enduring blues act, crowd confined DEPRESSED
Energy spent, breaks down in soul venue DIS
Firm in time makes money COINAGE
Flies in sink water mixed with leaves DIPTERA
Clues Answers
Gather the ambassador will be furious raise hell
If only I’d backed Union member IDAHO
Medic in film about strangely shy Scotsman PHYSICIAN
Minister in service flat emptied receptacle PADRE
Mistress last month put in clinic close to Chelsea SULTANA
Nonsense that follows from bigamy in Bow? double dutch
One may have blown it in expressing disapproval RASPBERRY
Parry, holding short sword in both hands REPEL
Rebuffed university sort’s acknowledgment NOD
Single knight having impressive physique that’s essential in-built
Speciousness ruined story about wrecked ship SOPHISTRY
Stadium in region accommodating any number ARENA
Surveillance requires excellent image SUPERVISION
United supporters returned in usual chaos SNAFU
Welshman raised in Penylan LYN
What makes Angelenos who they are, backing country? SENEGAL