The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27085 July 9 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27085

Clues Answers
A fine romance, full of good humour AFFABLE
Aggressive male behaviour Proust regularly exhibited RUT
Approve pub bar’s term for concoction rubber-stamp
Bloody child behind 80% of lawlessness! CRIMSON
Dad participating wholeheartedly, to one’s embarrassment PAINFULLY
Dodgy individual giving ninety the sack ELUSIVE
During reports, Officer in Command is moved RELOCATES
Eastern male, messenger casting the first stone EMERALD
Emperor newly arrived in housing area JUSTINIAN
Farmland beyond river PASTURE
Havana needs this vehicle reversing on city’s outskirts BACCY
Here’s something to drink, after knocking back dram — cheers PINTA
Little urban ground for high-speed transport bullet train
Made great strides and took charge of fencing work LOPED
Maiden crossing island brought back hemp, of a sort SISAL
Minor cleric’s case bound to collapse SUBDEACON
Clues Answers
Nurse with extra energy, first person determined to get on CAREERIST
One leaves coaches, wild about inventor’s latest conveyance TRANSFERRAL
Patient man’s situation? JOB
Person pushing in to seize Victorian lunchbox tucker-bag
Plain cash released for Panama, perhaps ship canal
Please old ambassador in ceremony, quietly taking the lead PRITHEE
Rope that’s ritually burned? GUY
Sesame to cultivate: large leaves TIL
Single fleas in contortions forming their own bond self-sealing
Smallest rabbit ultimately getting most irritation? TITCHIEST
Spare no established player EXTRA
View that could be right ANGLE
Wastrel filling barrel dithered around IDLER
What it’s said 007 has on invasive code? SPYWARE
What’s said to be complete fleece SHEAR
With nothing on Persian maybe grabs some entertainment CABARET

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