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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27086 July 10 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27086

Clues Answers
A couple of leaves? Or as many as you like a gogo
At sea, repose around dock, or put into dock PROSECUTE
Country that’s had burning desire to depose leading couple ROMANIA
Daring fellow, great and emphatic type bold face
Desperate sellers do a sales booster loss-leader
Drink a day before agitation AMONTILLADO
Evidently embarrassed over complaint for going off track DERAILMENT
Figure it’s what computer fans do? DIGIT
Game of cards one’s left on the shelf old maid
Girl welcome to come round EVA
Girl with bad back, a shade yellow lily-livered
I’m surprised by one like Gandalf’s resistance OHMAGE
In kitchen, peckish shrews may do so HENPECK
In recital, did rock and roll material SUEDE
Island with crude oil and panache cephalonia
Make a fold in the same clothes dog-ear
Clues Answers
Make miserable baguette? PAIN
Maybe Thomas More’s pretentious title captivates MARTYR
National emblem a rhinestone? SHAMROCK
One listing housing right for student? LEARNER
Part of issue paper’s spoken of SON
Penned record covering a number of years CAGED
Pick extremely raunchy clothing providing thrill ELECTRIFY
Play day in pool FUND
Prompt to dispose of grand artwork NUDE
Song’s main performer in audition LIED
Spot president once at entertaining gathering polka-dot
Stick with unhappy, losing side from Liverpool GUM
Very great job that’s temporary and bizarre GIGANTIC
Vile scenes broadcast on TV, ideas close to savagery video nasty
Work space vacated round Post Office counter OPPOSE