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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27088 July 12 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27088

Clues Answers
A duck puts the Queen off somewhere near Windsor ASCOT
Act as befits a ram and attack beat up
Approaching a worker about task, putting out request at hand
Arrive with the Spanish nibbles brought round for food COMESTIBLE
Attest fear about sensation after meal AFTERTASTE
Club in SW city closing early BAT
Cold worker keeping on, good fellow — and steadfast CONSTANT
Company is picking up GATHERING
Concert given publicity, not half PROM
Fool that is not without heart may become wise SAPIENT
Get hold of artist and musician BAGPIPER
Girl was forced to set about a noble adventurer GALAHAD
Give up ‘better’ sort of technology (superior no longer) CAPITULATE
Having no more fruit that’s unfashionable out-of-date
Hurried up, no longer wanting page changed before printing EXPEDITED
Husband, slippery type and cad HEEL
Clues Answers
Laugh with merriment, no end, after performance GIGGLE
Like article in US magazine that’s prominently printed MASTHEAD
Load of rubbish in hole mounting up TIP
Old tribe pleasant, beginning to end, on island ICENI
Old unseemly pub — eat noisily INDIGN
One drafted into office takes a long time, painting TEMPERA
Play one way and another for a time NOON
Prevent vessels returning STOP
Restricting trouble, looks after the final bits and pieces tail ends
Squat in inadequate space overlooking street ROOST
Tremendous chaps in fantastic Times putting out leader IMMENSE
Trend involved with email being taken off line DERAILMENT
Unusual seabird featured in short article SIDEBAR
Wife never upset when surrounded by attractive lot of trees in leaf GREENWOOD
Woman’s last to surface — drink has a profound effect here? LETHE