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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27089 July 13 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27089

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Clues Answers
Acknowledged being enrolled as member ADMITTED
Bizarre device for converting motion ECCENTRIC
Blooming supplier of meat and sauce OXLIP
Bring up second reminder for a saver RESCUER
Bury doctor in US abandoning Washington finally INTER
Culturally pretentious turn digested by a reveller PARTYGOER
Drug satisfied a politician and governor in the main resort METHAMPHETAMINE
Educational establishment’s working agreement UNISON
Enthusiasm is more exhausting, as Cockneys may say ARDOUR
Fabric man or woman keeps in hotel safe at front PETERSHAM
Fellow caught with intoxicating liquor ALEC
Generator of glossy, potentially clear source of ointment MAGNETO
Get kicks with zany foreign banker YANGTZE
Give away ring? One might expect to sell it SHOPKEEPER
Hanger-on in largely civilised old Communist executive POLITBURO
Clues Answers
Its occupants may be collared pinching grain DOVECOTE
Money-hoarder’s endless wretchedness MISER
More recent article identifying old Roman palace LATERAN
Nagging woman flogged outside clubs SCOLD
Old Chinese philosophy briefly followed by every European leader TAOISEACH
Quiet son taking a couple of horses across America SHUSH
Send Irishman over with key EMAIL
Shocking start for uncle in vehicle — Greek, reportedly TRAUMATIC
Sibling’s declaration soldier left inside entrance to officers’ mess? IMBROGLIO
Something fishy originally marking a jolly prim teacher SCHOOLMARM
Spirit revealed albeit briefly in French art ETHOS
Spiritual leader, one with mother in Newcastle, perhaps IMAM
State of small number knocked back by speaker’s gift GABON
Top men on a course oddly existing at the same time CONTEMPORANEOUS
Wakeful type in county recalled famous murderer INSOMNIAC