The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27091 July 16 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27091

Clues Answers
Accumulator having netted foreign cash for retirement, one stroking cat? money-grubber
Bash mouse with every bit of the blooming thing! WALLFLOWER
Cork has to plug bottles STOP
Current circling lake in wavy line TILDE
Cute river, bottom dredged? TWEE
Discussion on bread overheard that sounds so gentle pitter-patter
Do in? house party
Drive off in public — go too far? OVERSHOOT
During exercise, parent called to order earlier PREARRANGE
Edited parchment most faded, wicked things in it PALIMPSEST
European supporter POLE
Flipping bad, potentially shocking? LIVE
Gunk initially mopped up by dry cloth SERGE
Heading for slammer, best medicine they say for killing SLAUGHTER
Clues Answers
Held inside, Irish town’s brief event PENTATHLON
Infernal blighter, I’m a notorious con THIMBLERIG
It’s certain their guns will go off sure thing
Last Oscar given to Titanic OMEGA
Might such vulgar humour be panned? LAVATORIAL
Payment for transgression, OK FINE
Pull someone across the Pond YANK
Red Rum’s first, in short TROT
Register part to be read out? ROLL
Streakers up in rest home wore pants meteor shower
Suddenly able to paint with only two primary colours? out of the blue
Tubes in good shape after surgery, having removed five hundred and one OESOPHAGI
Very energetic rogue, George IV’s deputy, perhaps? viceregent
With river gone, river mammals back in conflict set-to

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