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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27092 July 17 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27092

Clues Answers
Be nervous of loud organ FEAR
Be suffering? Take on the Bible for help AVAIL
Cage, metal, in dry lake SERPENTINE
Chap in jumper opposing member of dynasty ROMANOV
Collar’s front finally black in colour VANDYKE
Contributed nothing new in old-fashioned surroundings DONATED
Crazy to turn up and cause sensation STUN
Drama not unknown to philosopher PLATO
Electoral system that may provide veto? alternative vote
Endless scoff dunked in sweet tea DARJEELING
Evaluation of panic rooms needing revision COMPARISON
Exceeding limit and knocking someone down running over
Find divorces shattering DISCOVER
Fit to be seen on road? RAGE
Glow-worm for instance chews persimmon — not quietly MISNOMER
Clues Answers
Holding hearts (king or queen), go down in contract SHRINK
Lovely piece of work, are you? ART
Marked as criminal, but not with own label BRANDED
No end of reason to keep policeman a university place CAMPUS
One cutting small member of audience? SHEARER
One delivering big service tree ACER
Pale and sickly, not using whole allowance WAN
Predecessor to Romans manages to close scripture lesson FRIENDS
Profits secure in good transactions PROCEEDINGS
Seeks food a long time FORAGES
Senior officer in underwear lounged around hotel brass hat
Shark’s ear bone had to receive echo HAMMERHEAD
Shorten study, stupid CONDENSE
Throw a match, and fail to keep it secret give the game away
Tinker holds a leisurely course MEANDER