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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27095 July 20 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27095

Clues Answers
Almost broke cover SKIN
Avoiding work whilst engaged in plays swinging the lead
British soldiers began without resolution, going west desert rats
Busy with leader of party out for change up to
Cheerful address to a lad overheard SUNNY
Depressed on holiday, son collapses BREAKDOWNS
Detain working student INTERN
Drying equipment is lighter after top’s removed AIRER
Exceed time limit for survey run over
Excessively serious English composer’s appearing in public OVEREARNEST
Flying stunt cut — nothing in it LOOP
Good form last month nothing unusual DECORUM
Helper overcoming fear finds machine taking money card reader
Merchant to supply white wine montrachet
Nag man to adopt a change of direction MARE
Clues Answers
Noble not up for launch preparation COUNTDOWN
Not straight like part of SW London ASKEW
One calling to support unfinished harbour vessel PORRINGER
One refusing to acknowledge some yarn DENIER
Present Queen holds a view that’s disguised GIVEAWAY
Rogues copy Hitchcock character REPROBATES
Rough projection of Conservative newspaper CRAG
Second fiddle is one making a hum STINKER
Small tree French writer’s climbed SUMAC
Some trust a gnat eventually to stop moving STAGNATE
Stripper bringing wrong tone into a country house agent orange
They may have it after motion, one’s recollected NOES
Walk by brother to gather berries BRAMBLE
Withdrawal of touching drawing RETRACTION