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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27097 July 23 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27097

Clues Answers
A man’s work introducing extremely holy religious doctrine THEOSOPHY
Ancient Jew unhappy leader in Rome close to gate SADDUCEE
Baseball players each finding home in London? BATTERSEA
Blonde with casual attitude swallowed up by bog FLAXEN
Composition — first of Elgar’s symphonies, for example ESSAY
Courage of woman round ancient city VALOUR
Cry of joy about desert transformed very recently YESTERDAY
Deceived, having leave withdrawn, broken by pressure TRAPPED
Demon driver in Paris I hated unreservedly at first JEHU
Element the same, only different one old poet’s misrepresented ISOTOPE
Fish this person’s caught in parts of Wales ALEWIVES
Graduate set up equipment for printing process BATIK
Greedy chap with plenty of room, ignoring the odds EDACIOUS
Hanger-on, one locking up pound by farm building BARNACLE
Haphazardly hosted party, then left in motor yacht RANDOMLY
Clues Answers
Little resistance disturbs this form of jazz TRAD
Outstanding feature, a draw at new part of city CHINATOWN
Part of speech club employee finally made, being in voice ADJECTIVE
Pernickety female quietly leaving Bombay, perhaps FUSSY
React with irritation, greatly reducing one’s shock? tear ones hair out
Record books kept by English queen ENTER
Reluctant to wear church’s habiliments? CLOTHES
Resentful judge has militant executed JEALOUS
Salmon served in hotel in my quarter COHOE
Secret deliveries taken into court COVERT
Settle bill, like Wallace’s four men? ADJUST
Social misfit returned, having lost a Swedish coin KRONA
Speak bluntly, seeing film supplied by trendies? shoot from the hip
Stress politician in east suffers on island EMPHASIS
Uncover articles on a French novel UNSHEATHE