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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27098 July 24 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27098

Clues Answers
A pleasure trip, we hear, comes as an added extra ACCRUES
Bloke is vulgar, heartless CHAP
Brainy bits produced by church dissenter, the Parisian CEREBELLA
Briefly hold mammal spinning round quite briskly ALLEGRETTO
Chaste woman loves talking, putting lots off VESTAL
Drink and energy-containing nuts MEAD
Female celebrity put up with leers somehow outside government department SUPERMODEL
Guy has spoken about island on the lord’s territory? MANORIAL
Having crossed river, bed down in rubbish DROSS
Infant and old man face the camera full of love PAPOOSE
Island capital always given low grades cape verde
Kill rodents — but there’s one left inside home DOMICILE
Legally gets hold of this person’s cash IMPOUNDS
Little right with priest meeting temptress — take off duty! RELIEVE
Meeting zone used very regularly when abroad RENDEZVOUS
Clues Answers
Member of hobbit family captured TOOK
Middle-distance runner beginning to puff, upset? Examination needed PRELIM
One keen to change, about to confront past REFORMER
Philosopher reading maybe in a secure compartment LOCKER
Port’s edge SHARPNESS
Reclined, maybe, clutching muscle, and given proper treatment RESPECTED
Resident I’d style eccentric, lacking concern DISINTERESTEDLY
Rugby player acceptable without hesitation PROP
Services, long ago held for local dignitaries mayoresses
Slight sign of affection after firm provides a bit of money COPECK
Son isn’t outlaw — shows such piety SAINTHOOD
Stories about old bishop? They may be articulated LORRIES
Suffering financially? That’s obvious, being given the sack OVERTAXED
Support hospital organisations? Not the second time TRUSS