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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27099 July 25 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27099

Clues Answers
Apartment, not opening at the front? Check security device LATCH
Britain remains bold BRASH
Clear directions to enter old address EXONERATE
Collection of coins I found near a Mediterranean capital NICOSIA
Dangerous creature, black, captured by degrees MAMBA
Female enters cafe in Totnes after ordering drink instant coffee
Film — Fight Club — regularly shown during flipping day off? SPARTACUS
Fingering curious jewellery RUMBLING
First half of long track playing different genre of music? alt-rock
Handmade herbal tea, briefly dipped in some salt water ARTISANAL
Help with venue for match at home pitch in
I’ll guarantee critic has ignored opening chapter ENSURER
Item left in car COUPLE
List of office employees, perhaps, likely to obey siren? TEMPTABLE
Lively scout crosses lake on sailing vessel SPARKLY
Clues Answers
North Country inhabitant I badmouth audibly? ICELANDER
NUT leader at sea, the same as before UNALTERED
Oddly build seat on which to squat? BIDET
Olympic venue’s head rejected Frenchman’s late welcome? BONSOIR
Purchase includes dry sandwich BUTTY
Rent new flats, half of them at bottom of hill torn apart
Series about queen perhaps visiting a certain country CONCATENATION
Slow-witted type ultimately exasperated boss DUMBO
Socialists, fine Scottish lads? fabians
Spirited swimming in turbulent waters RIPTIDES
Sun has new leader, one complains WHINER
Tax advice about squalid dwelling CESSPIT
The best comics needing no tips CREAM
Trail round English forest leading to open-air eatery tea garden
Where to see films on demand, except occasional Netflix premieres ODEON