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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27101 July 27 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27101

Clues Answers
Appeal of article on timeless reform movement CHARISMA
As conductor is, hearing principal of cellos going wrong in charge
Base defeat for swimmer sea trout
Caller from the Mail after a devilish feature post horn
Damage every article one puts on? You can’t insure against that wear and tear
Declining to scrap scripture period DECADE
Eventually featured by news magazine in time
Good present, an ornamental frill GOFFER
Had a disaster, trimming mushroom blew it
I throw in jug PITCHER
In fashion house see foreign paper PRAVDA
In which athletes find something to pass round HAT
Leave Great Britain say for somewhere tropical desert island
One going to take axe for execution LEAVER
Clues Answers
One that shines as member of large Kent family? SEQUIN
Problem seeing pet carrying a little weight around CATARACT
Product of the sea becomes ready to drink? ISINGLASS
Proverb influencing wife to leave SAYING
Restrictions in place to bar one song CHANSON
Riot: incident that could lead to ban INTERDICTION
Singular speech? Not half SLANG
Stolen wife or other felony put right helen of troy
Stop remarking on very short dress? SHIFT
Surgeon’s brief ban VET
The thinking animal? RUMINANT
Very unhappy about closing church that’s coming to life HATCHING
Went over meeting of two people to finalise Mary Poppins? TRAVERSED
Writer got a new name in regular form PENTAGON