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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27103 July 30 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27103

Clues Answers
A little more tummy exposed then? top-up
Actors improvised with her players ORCHESTRA
Adequate light FAIR
Archbishop feeding diocese in regular fashion EVENLY
Bones served up in mean lunch ULNAE
Bovine disease in insect not there ABSENT
Bread that may rise just the same? NAN
Description of bottle found by team during arrest screw top
Expecting delivery soon, a short story by writer about Romeo PRENATAL
Fine dash of liquor in what could become the hard stuff? CLEMENT
Finished, coaster used harbours consummated
Fish pie dinner ends in lovely French shop CHARCUTERIE
Food ending on nightie, dessert knocked over in bed tucked up
Hard to save time, leave it STET
I have to pursue square dancing oft in routine nine-to-five
Mucky duck possibly picked up? FOUL
Clues Answers
Naval vessel, scandal of the day? FRIGATE
Obscure snippets in the midst of tweets ECLIPSE
Odd characters in luck to see blurred image — long-sighted? TELESCOPIC
Of both temperature and speed, brisk? NIPPY
Offensive at first, grim smell ODOUR
Record seen at game in capital city MONTEVIDEO
Sense organ certainly aural? EYE
Summon artist to produce thrilling work page-turner
Sweet child, tell me, what might you do with that balloon? POPPET
System of storing messages I love, I am about to receive a hundred VOICEMAIL
Temple with a roof in Thailand WAT
Third of capital coming to nothing in Jersey? moo-cow
War poet old, otherwise making a comeback? OWEN
Warm soup’s unwelcome visitor diner anxiously pokes FRIENDLY
Weight finally taken off feet, sofa designed to relax ease off