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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27105 August 1 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27105

Clues Answers
A cat having tail nibbled by mountain creature ALPACA
Acquisitive old fellow, in our opinion COVETOUS
Air strike failing completely BOMBING
Aristocrat in Elizabethan era THANE
Atmosphere around capital city cold and extremely tense CLIMATE
Borneo’s revolutionary playwright OSBORNE
Controversial politician in good health after back operation POWELL
Criticise Yankee wearing the aforementioned garment PANTYHOSE
Fat for suet pudding roly-poly
Horse getting fitter, needing a drink COBBLER
Kid tucked into ends of stale cake SCONE
Limit that is ultimately enforced in urban area tie down
Nameless person greeting visiting queen ANYONE
No small time friend, ostensibly NOMINALLY
Old audit including King and Queen’s tax OVEREXERT
Clues Answers
Presumably feel obliged to cut speech, of course needless to say
Rejected natural water source EVIAN
River banks protecting one French city POITIERS
Sip beer regularly in teetotal country TIBET
Song writer introducing new end to My Way penny lane
Sons getting work in parts of Malaga lopped tree sago palm
Strip on edge of mown lawn LINEN
Student initially engrossed by article, in French translation UNSEEN
Talks over, sanctions must be resolved conversations
Teachers make disapproving sound or shout at the front TUTORS
To keep going is difficult after exercises, right? PERSEVERE
Turning near Scotsman’s place in Highland region NAIRN
Two subjects acceptable in English school REPTON
View endless track followed by European railway SCENERY
With nothing to lose, author uses complex reference book THESAURUS