The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27107 August 3 2018

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27107

Clues Answers
A number of things conveyed by Morse? DITTY
A wrestling champion maybe boxes following change in direction about-face
Altered print, eg if manipulated digitally FINGERTIP
Backing for some recalcitrant heavyweight on the way ARTIC
Bore with patter? One’s cracked, finally PUNCHLINE
Certain players from GB cavalier with rules BUGLERS
Cleaner turned over communists holding pensioner captive soap powder
Contribution falling short, paper’s head about to drop setter? in pup
Experiences in a luxury car leaving one horrified AGHAST
Fellow setter from Coleraine? NIGEL
Having quite a crowd of partners in crime! TRIGAMY
It’s blooming strong: ask for a fresh brew KNOTGRASS
Landlord’s agent has trouble stopping strike BAILIFF
Light food, cold, before short drive back CREPE
Look on stick to support stand-by
Maybe hailing judge after victory WINTRY
Clues Answers
Military command’s unpleasant consequences FALLOUT
Note Yankee keeps corrupt prairie girl in work DOROTHY
One allowed to cut money for American when not working idle time
One extracting pardon from base rebel once HEREWARD
Patent I quietly reward inappropriately OVERTIP
Pop to Eton finally for meeting with Head PATER
Produced article (in English) in place of Dutch BREDA
Remarkable for Scotland to get sanctioned: it’s just not done! UNCOOKED
Right-winger in London ignoring position taken by Brussels chap EUSTACE
Rumpus after champion gets three out of fifteen back row
Story a fraction, as it were, of what the writer possesses? MYTH
Suspicion protection is needed for computer device TOUCHPAD
The King and I sets make for stirring musical! kiss me kate
Whack doing no harm at all? HELPING
What the French would make of UK newspaper expert DEFT
White deposit on tail of red squirrel HOARD

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