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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27111 August 8 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27111

Clues Answers
A consequence of murders: riot OFFSHOOT
Ancient Roman wheel mark crossed by modern vehicle BRUTUS
Big Brother and co? Resistance vital, yet hopeless reality TV
Bounty I resolved to accept buy into
Cardinal featuring in sex-change, excommunicated NINETY
Drawing stick from a crony for corruption CRAYON
Drink up on one’s own, welcoming men round OLOROSO
East Windows — since replaced — permitted, revealing everything EXPLICIT
English going out of fashion for American writer of history STYLUS
Exaggerated passion about which to sing sometimes? CAMPFIRE
Exemplary message: secure? TEXTBOOK
Filming technique: fancy German one fade-in
Girl from Central Europe, Polish rosheen
Images that are missing beginning to cause doubts IFS
In place of wild dancing, doctors knock around quietly mosh pit
Clues Answers
Jump is something that takes pluck, with unknown ending LUTZ
Match-winner, or miss? There’s nothing in it golden goal
Note to obtain national insurance, looking up number INTEGER
Our standard of higher education about to drop union flag
Perform a track using axe do away with
Poles belonging to the workforce STAFFS
Release body of Manhattan Yank UNHITCH
Religious leaders call for peace: give affirmative answer back AYATOLLAHS
Scolded, as things removed from to-do list? ticked off
Sharply-defined foreign character, marketed incorrectly? CHISELLED
Someone evidently bad-mouthing weakness is wrong DISSERVICE
There’s a surprise, seeing hotel amidst castles OHO
Touring Australia, leave for island GOZO
Tutorial ultimately left Suzy bursting with enthusiasm ZESTFULLY
What wineshops can do for a town STOCKPORT