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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27112 August 9 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27112

Clues Answers
After a piece, leave tropical food MANGO
Assess accounts of corrupt statesmen means-test
Back in study, with head down END
Calm old representative retained by firm? Yes COMPOSURE
Charge after pass for winger CROSSBILL
Close to you, swell man’s inattentive UNOBSERVANT
Country air taken in by doddery gran AGRARIAN
Daggers sheathed in Nobel Institute OBELI
Disrespect shown by loud, aggressive sort FLOUT
Don headgear: sombrero’s back CAPO
Dress outside army technician’s van in quiet place ghost town
Excited, one head of government going past AGO
Help politicians to follow virtuous book just so stories
Merchant keeping upright boss on track STATIONMASTER
Most of record hire for free DISENGAGE
Clues Answers
Original sinner claiming saint is to preach EVANGELISE
Picked up Mob’s store of money HOARD
Popular comic rated poorly DEMOCRATIC
Programme woman’s included in broadcast film SPREADSHEET
Public schoolboy half-cut? That’s grave TOMB
Rank top athlete high jumper
Recoil from media bigwig up on trial DETEST
Red Sea round cape MEDOC
Scoff, with British retiring from defeats EATS
See Frenchman’s housing in this? pied-a-terre
Speculation I rejected with fury as anathema bete noire
Stuff knocked back is intoxicating stuff MARC
The writer’s drawn to men and women’s feet IAMBI
Wanting drug, smuggled a bit for dirty money RANSOM
Wrong step: I moved on less common routes off-piste