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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27115 August 13 2018

Published in The Times Cryptic Crossword.

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27115
Clues Answers

Bit of skin trimmed and left in freezer CUTICLE
Black music heard in stages that give one a lift platform soles
Clinics, each covering western city SWANSEA
Colourful sort of light in West MAUVE
Comes with spikes: singular recipe for losing speed? HASTINESS
Companion and I must visit sea-coast for a swim ASSOCIATE
Complaint unlikely in small Shetland island, or round Skye regularly? SUNSTROKE
Custody, after a court decision AWARD
Disturbed serenity, receiving a tired look EYESTRAIN
Examine heartless, wretched person INSECT
Feminine coiffures repelling husband? Be reasonable! fair dos
Heard vulgar call from the hatch CHEEP
I fear the worst, but army does nothing wrong DOOMSAYER
I see endless loot around failed invasion site GALLIPOLI
In several weeks work one may use a lot of ink OCTOPUS
Investigate precise moment pressure dropped in game go into
Leader to drink more, getting drunk SUPREMO
Not much comfort in clubs: not all dance CRUMB
Not quite understand teaching story that can be analysed SEPARABLE
Objective for Trappists, perhaps, not to exaggerate to say the least
One city has merged into another LHASA
Out of the Top Ten for Armistice Day? ELEVENTH
Problem breathing oxygen after run in competition CROUP
Sound quality: pound, shake this TIMBREL
Start to burn as cheek punched by nasty thug light up
The last round — great! OMEGA
Travel round city, and finally ask for wall sticker GECKO
Triumph when surrounded by independent, select group in-crowd
Wife, excellent, raised lots of concerns CONSORTIA
With this telescope, secretly watch grand girl SPYGLASS