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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27117 August 15 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27117

Clues Answers
Bird in head ornament with tail knocked off CROW
Blank out needing peace? That’s about right ERASE
Community to triumph, but one missing out TOWN
Composer has meal, finishing early SUPPE
Decorative work in cape and vestment CROCHET
Enclosed space with house for university group COHORT
Encourage holy person after word of disapproval BOOST
Food item in can is sort that’s been processed CROISSANT
Getting into beds, start to abandon clothes COATS
Intimate photo of couples misbehaving close-up
Merry man eating lettuce JOCOSE
Miss sent in a spin by your old man? TIMOTHY
Moggy kept by doddery oldies is put out DISLOCATE
Notts town acts with river rising WORKSOP
Old boy beginning to enthuse is worker kowtowing to boss? OBEISANT
Pair in Durham, say, for drinking bout SPREE
Clues Answers
Provocative goddess, one reclining in studio ATELIER
Quiet woman holding scripture lessons maybe in school PRIMARY
Region of USA to horrify a nameless pal APPALACHIA
Religious group of idiots enthralling a thousand MORMONS
Rev. is about to lead church worship SERVICE
Rough during performance that involves old flame INEXACT
Say word of warning to players, having got cross enough for example
Scottish solicitor with a wit advanced cases law agent
Struggled with those left, then took the initiative WRESTLED
Teddy hugging wife in long apparel on holiday? BEACHWEAR
Terribly foul salt water discharges outfalls
The best stuff, full of energy CREAM
Unfortunate king in motorway dash coming to premature end MIDAS
Vehicle dropping one with prominent church feature to be discovered TRANSPIRE
Vehicle, traveller round planet, featured in diagram CHARIOT
Way sailor gets into clobber HABIT