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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27118 August 16 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27118
Clues Answers
Approval total? Hardly! no dice
Backward lad is going to set about A levels LLANOS
Bold time traveller stopping at home with the papers? INTREPID
Boxer’s ruin spooks opponent MARCIANO
Briefly declare a doctor in turn a physicist AVOGADRO
Call on eg stews for protein COLLAGEN
Come by on ramble bringing device GADGET
EU slings out objectionable state UGLINESS
Example of daily goodness i say
Fancy a top-up? I’d originally taken scotch put paid to
Fancy cutting our tongue! Crazy! ENGRAVING
Fat landlord finally getting rent DRIPPING
Force within coil prime source of power wind farm
Fruit-bearer potentially upset girl scoffing sandwiches seed corn
Giant moan heard around docks CYCLOPS
Clues Answers
Leek is one token of Welsh nationhood, primarily TOWN
Liverpool player tackled delivering cross? red-faced
Mastercard this is not! jack of all trades
Notice rat crossing river after climbing mountain PLACARD
Port in old heavyweight container, note ALICANTE
Proof, legally suspect, one left out GALLEY
Row of onions, perhaps second chopped DOMESTIC
See you within days accumulate capital DAMASCUS
Shone on and off in match pack ultimately controlled TWINKLED
Spectator possibly in front of goal a centre of attraction MAGNET
Sporting event that’s driving people mad initially cancelled for good road race
Spurn hand from below? pass up
Start with a set of clubs, maybe, and something for putting on jump suit
Tinkers with politician’s picture toy story