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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27119 August 17 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27119
Clues Answers
Appropriate document to be landed with? title deed
Bundle of nerves wrecking old car on short trip spinal cord
Chatter idly when leaving King’s Head PATE
Cold rook shovelled in not fit to eat __ or unusually good! INCREDIBLE
Company very close to collapse in financial district SOCIETY
Confined by police __ suspect one soundly beaten? KETTLEDRUM
Constant pain and temperature? Here’s capsule! CACHET
Customs inspector hauling last couple up MORES
Drum roll to precede this lottery’s result? TOMBOLA
Elite soldiers bashing in middle window frame SASH
Fate of Scandinavians alternatively featured in news? NORN
Kitty chasing second little bit SPOT
Many practise religion secretly at first DOZENS
My poor dog’s nose! GOODNESS
Offence attracts fine where law handed down SINAI
One such being goat starts to meander on the heath MOTH
Pact remade with island united behind surrender CAPITULATE
Problem is Mass involving eastern religious instruction CATECHISM
Rebel group in 19 having need for speedy action INSURGENCY
Regime originally coming in stops wrinkles CREASES
Right pair get over split PREROGATIVE
Ritual discouraged in managed accommodation service flat
Sailor accompanies ancient character in spirit ETHOS
Training on rifle-range, shot blue bird peregrine falcon
Two girls regularly finding work TOIL
Two swimmers, the first heard making complaint RAILING
Waste left in more open land running out to sea WILDERNESS
Wide open love Christian shows AGAPE
Woman must go without instant dessert SEMOLINA